2022 Open House Recap

We opened our doors once again for our 2nd Annual Open House! This event took place on Friday, May 27th at our shop located in Flint, MI. We were thrilled to host our friends, clients, and local police and fire departments to lunch, live demonstrations, and a tour of our fleet, shop, and grounds.

Cold Tapping Demonstration

Michigan Spill Response demonstrated cold tapping a rolled semi-tanker. This process starts with a visual inspection. If the valves a deemed damaged or inaccessible, technicians drill the tanker to offload the hazardous liquids inside.

In a real accident, these tankers could be filled with flammable, combustible, or corrosive liquid. This process is very dangerous if not done correctly, and is considered a last resort. The MSR team is fully outfitted with proper PPE and specifically trained for cold tapping and other scenarios to ensure the job is done right the first time, every time.

Vehicle Entrapment Demonstration

Clarkston Towing demonstrated a vehicle entrapment scenario, utilizing their 60-ton rotator to stabilize a bus while extricating a trapped car underneath. Highly skilled and certified heavy wrecker and rotator operators are vital to support police and firefighters on roadside accident scenes like these.

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Tanker Upright Demonstration

Gray’s Towing Service demonstrated an impressive tanker upright inside the shop! Gray’s heavy duty wreckers are fully stocked with top-of-the-line rigging and recovery equipment to handle the biggest jobs. More than just heavy recovery experts, Gray’s offers crane services with their 360 degree rotator wrecker, which is capable of lifting and setting heavy loads in tight spaces.

Restored Classics

We wish to extend our sincerest thanks to our friends who displayed their restored classic trucks and racecar at our shop for the day!

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